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NärCon (pronounced NaerCon) is an anime and gaming convention. Our goal is not to become a huge expo like our American and European cousins. Instead we want to give our visitors the feeling that they are visiting an anime festival with lots of band, barbeque, cosplay and video games!
We want you to spend the weekend hanging out with your old friends (or new ones!) just being you, and leave with an amazing feeling inside you!

NärCon in short:

  • Thursday 4th – Sunday 7th of august
  • Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden
  • 250 SEK admittance fee (covers the entire weekend and includes the Swedish convention standard where you sleep on the floor, bring your own sleeping bag, pillow etc). Buy your ticket here!
  • Buses will departure from Stockholm central station to the convention on Thursday the 4th and return to Stockholm during midday on Sunday the 7th
  • Live concerts featuring band including Seremedy, 047 and Dunderpatrullen
  • Vic Mignogna will appear as a special guest! He will hold Q&A’s and autograph signings!
  • NärCons cosplay show is known as one of the biggest in Scandinavia, and this year we’re making it even bigger (and better)!
  • A wide range of foods are available for purchase, including hamburgers, milkshakes, pie, nachos and more
  • Several stores in which you can buy your favorite plushies, cloths and more will visit NärCon
  • In one of Sweden’s largest video game-rooms you can play almost any video game, both classic ones and the newest on the market. Of course you can also compete in some of the games and win prizes!
  • NärCon also has very many other kinds of games, which will be displayed publicly and free to participate in
  • Do you like to draw and display your works of art to others? For just 50 SEK (+ admittance fee) you will get your own table in our Artist Alley!
  • Questions? Don’t hesitate to email

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  1. gao skriver:

    Hello I am a comic dealers and Company in Germany USAGI WA regularly participate in European trade fairs in various countries, France Italy, Spain and Switzerland comic and manga convention …… I want to be with you 2011 position I hope you can give me booths i can booking stand have a spare space for me thank you i hope and a happy work with you every day so after I come to your event here are some photos that I attended trade fairs in other countries Thank you I will look forward to your reply and answer…….more information …

    Best regards
    Usagi wa Team

  2. RaynieDay skriver:

    Ok so I was looking at pre-ordering my ticket, you have the NärCon-paketet but it doesn’t include a ticket to NärCon. I live in Linköping, so I don’t want to buy a dorm ticket if I’m not going to sleep there. Is there any way to get a pass to NärCon without having to getting the dorm?

  3. Rick skriver:

    Do you still get free drinks for the Kåsa in the NärCon-paketet?

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